Perfect, Here we go!

By: MJDavidson

I vehemently disagree with you, but that is fine. Nobody died and left me in charge.

So, given your premise that healthcare is NOT a right, then let's go from there.

First, no more medicare or medicaid correct? And likewise no Tricare, not even for deserving veterans since that is yet another goverrnment plan, correct?   I mean they are all  government plans and you want free market only, is that correct?  Second, make sure you are willing to stand by  your decision. That means, just as with any other commoditiy or privilege, it has to be paid for, is that correct? I mean if one goes into a store to purchase something, if that person has no money, that person gets nothing, correct?

Along those lines, what is your suggestion when a little child has a serious illness and the family is poor and has no money? Remember, no government interference right?   I guess in your world, the poor child should just receives no care, is that right.  I suppose there is no rule in your world against charity but that is very much on a hit or miss basis,do you agree?, Still, no governement interference correct?  Good luck with that! 

And along the way, I suppose if there is no government interference, then there is no EMTLA law either, correct? What does that mean? That means the following. If somebody comes to the ER and needs treatment, that person no longer is guaranteed treatment regardless of ability to pay.  Now,, since this is a free market system , the hospital has every right to simply refuse treatment, correct?  

Guess what? Your system will never fly. Healthcare is in fact, not likely to ever be considered a commodity in the same light as material goods, and if it is, heaven help this country. The scenario I just outlined is exactly what would be allowed without government intervention. People are human beings, and if you think it is ok to deny a child life and death treatment due to finances and finances alone, congratulations.  Now I am aware you did not say such a thing in those words, but your statement that healthcare is not a right, says it for you. 

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