Yes, you and I see a number of things differently

By: GTrojan

John McCain was certainly a war hero, and Trump was way off base to say otherwise.  John McCain's heroics, however, were 50 years ago, and have nothing to do with whether or not he'd be a competent Senator. 

Trump is an arrogant, thin skinned man.  I am not a fan of his tweeting practices, but he is the only President, IMHO, since Reagan that truly loves this country and its people.  Trump saw the deplorable condition of our manufacturing base, and took steps through deregulation, tariffs, etc. to build up that base again.  Do you realize that the large transformers on which our electrical grid depends are all foreign made and the waiting list to get a new one is two years.  This shouldn't be, and that is just one example.  Our military shouldn't rely on foreign made parts.  All our military needs should be made in America for security reasons.  Trump saw this problem.

Yes, Trump has faced a lot of opposition from the Pentagon]s top brass.  Why is that?  Trump wants to stop America from being the world's policeman.  He wants to bring our troops home.  He wants the Nato countries to pay their share, as agreed, yet none of our previous Presidents have made any serious attempts at getting our allies to comply.  The top brass in the military are warriors who thrive on war.  There not the E-3s and E-4s dodging the bullets to keep Muslim countries from killing each other.  If Trump gets our troops home, the top brass will be pissed.

The election fraud is MASSIVE.  You won't hear that from NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, or even FOX now.  Check out the video by the MIT professor that was linked here earlier by a poster.  He and two other highly qualified analysts dit a statistical analysis of the returns of all precincts of just four counties in Michigan, and what they found was that over 138,000 Trump votes were added to Biden's total.  That is in just FOUR counties.  Did you see any of the above mentioned media bring that story?  No, and you won't.

Your friend Tulsatrojan/tokyo-cigar, when informed of the possibility that election fraud was the reason Biden won, he had no problem with that, if true.  What does that tell you?

MJ, I have always enjoyed your college football takes, but what is happening in this country, before your eyes, that you don't see is frightening.  When the media reports that Trump stole the election, there will be rioting in the streets.

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