Sorry, but I don't condone riots

By: MJDavidson

You can assume what  you would like. I prefer  neither Biden or Trump.  My favorite choice would have been John Kasich.  And oh, btw, living here in TN, with regards to the presidential race, any vote for somebody other than Trump was a total waste---I am shocked Trump did not end up with 85%.  In the county where I live, it appeared that Trump won by 8 or more to 1.  

Just because somebody does not agree with Trump's approach and with his  behavior, does not mean Biden is one's choice. I have concerns about his overall condition and will be somewhat surprised if he holds up for an entire term physically and/or mentally. As for Kamala Harris, she is not somebody I am comfortable with as the Commander and Chief.

I am a strong believer in law and order. I am licensed to carry a concealed  and visible weapon.   I have no use for destructive riots though I am strongly in favor of people's right to demonstrate peacefully. 

You might look up the organization Magen AM and that will give you some idea about personal beliefs.  

I hate to see people suffer from lack of healthcare. When it comes to defending America and having adequate policing, I have made it clear that I am pro USA and pro police.   

I have different opinions on different subjects. I simply don't go according to any one party line. 

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