With regards to Putin

By: MJDavidson

I am not implying that Trump colluded with Putin nor that Putin helped him. I am stating that his behavior regarding Putin is simply  STRANGE to say the least. Trump has tried hard to personify the ultimate Mr. Macho attitude and the America is number 1 attitude------>neither of which is problematic. Yet when it comes to Putin, he acts as if there is nothing wrong and as if Putin is the greatest, someone who should be admired.

I can't help but wonder WHY?  Did you ever wonder why?  Does President Trump really admire Putin.  Did you ever wonder if there is an uderlying reason for such behavior?   Why would Trump publicly support a dictator and take his word over his own intelligence  services? And even if he did feel that way, why embarrass the United States publicly by revealing those feelings? I will never forget after he met with Putin in the post meeting presser he said he has no reason to doubt that Putin was telling the truth----->that was unforgivable.

Again, I ask both of you, what would most people deduce after reviewing said events?  I am not talking about Putin helping Trump or colluding with him. Given that information, I have to wonder why?  What would possess the United States president to act in an almost reverent manner toward the Russian Dictator.  Why would he not address the alleged Russina bounties on US Troops?  Why would he not mention the threatening tone Russian jets have been displaying toward American ships and planes?  Any guesses? 

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