Always nice to have civil discussions

By: MJDavidson

I have enjoyed this round of discussions. Civil disagreements are great.

I want to reiterate something. If massive fraud is proven, then appropriate measures should be taken. 

Notice, I have never said fraud did not take place. I simply cannot assume that it has based on what has been said.  Did dominion really do what has been alleged?  If it can be proven, then it should be. 

I am never going to condone fraud. And I was not defending Tokyo---no need to.   I intervened when I did because it was a convenient setting. His post disagreed with the majority in this setting so I figured what the heck

To be honest, my main concern is Fraud allegations. I just want the proof and if it is really widespread then it has to be punished and stopped. However, misinformation is pervasive on both sides. I would caution that just as MSNBC, CNN et al are now not to be trusted, neither is Epoch Times and OANN;   unfortunately it is now difficult to know who to trust. I did watch much of the MIT video.    I am waiting to see if anything happens

But, does it not concern anybody when the president of the USA makes pre election statements that say the only way he can lose if there is fraud. He is the most powerful man in the world and when the president talks, people often believe him.  That is very dangerous to my way of thinking.

I love this country and my son is full time military.  I am very upset that things have evolved the way they have. I never even considered the phrase fake news and certainly not alternative facts till the last 4 years. ARGH, I wish things were different

The other issues that concerned me are Covid 19 and the Affordable Care Act.   For months or longer, I read post after post with which I vehemently disagreed. I felt it was time to intervene and to try to state my opinion with corroboration when possible  

Fortunately in this country, it is still allowable to express one's opinions. I only hope things remain that way. 

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