You act like medicare is a good thing

By: August West ®

it’s not. It’s shit. Old folks loathe the day they have to go on it. So getting rid of it for a cheaper, private version is better. Medicaid....why have a system that doesn’t accomplish anything? If a poor person walks into an ER with no money, are they going to be turned down? No, of course not. Why the need for an expensive bureaucratic BS program that only lines the pockets of the Admin? As for poor folks with sick kids, there are hospitals and Drs that handle that. Private donations, charities and pro bono work from the Drs handle that....always have. My parents were a perfect example of that. I needed 10 surgeries before I was a year old, spent the first year of my life in Children’s Hospital in LA, folks paid a little, rest was taken care of by the hospital and Drs willing to help. Ill finish with this, point out in the Constitution where it says it’s the Federal Govt’s responsibility to pay for healthcare......
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