Agree to disagree

By: MJDavidson

It is obvious that both G Trojan and August West disagree with my takes on this.  That's fine and the discussions are fine

However, I think you are both wrong.  August, I don't think you are in touch with as many older patients as I .  My patients thank heaven for Medicare and Social Security every day.  Without those programs, a significant number would not survive. You can argue that is not the way it should be. However, that is the way it is and it is indisputable.

As for private health insurance, other than adminsitering the funds supplied by the government such as in the Medicare Advantage Plans, there is no way for private insurance to survive if the sick , elderly population has to be covered for affordable premiums. You can argue differently, but you will have a  very difficult time proving your point.  piror attemps have failed and private insurance companies cringe when they have to continue to cover the older population that remains working after 65 with their mulitple and expensive medical problems.  I was such a patient . 

I am NOT defending politicians , btw. I am simply discussing healthcare.  I will leave with this question. In a private insurance only environement, how is there any guarantee that the poor and needy will be cared for?  August, I am glad that you were able to receive the care that you needed and I am sure that in many cases, but not all, that would be the case However, I have seen countless folks turned away who simply could not afford their care and will not be treated without the money or  insurance.

And as for the constitution, you asked where it says healthcare is a right? Fair enough. I am glad you asked that.  That exact argument could be apllied to much of the world today.  And I don't want to discuss them per se, but where in the constitution does it mention the words abortion or gay rights one way or the other?  I only brought up those terms because they are in the news so very often and have come before the Supreme Court  and will again. 

I think the concept of healthcare has evolved as man's ability to help treat and cure his fellow man has developed.  I know you may disgaree, but that is just my opinion.  Always a pleasure to engage in discussions without personal attacks  and hateful insults, even in the setting of significant disagreement. 

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