From Reliable Source

By: Actus Reus

While attending a pro life fundraiser in Houston last night, I was interdoced to Tray Trainer. He's a member of the Federal Elections Commission for Texas. I asked him about Dominion voting software. He said they (the Texas commission) looked into using it but there were too many flaws. He said other states used it because it was the least expensive option. He also said that while that software is flawed, it wasn't the main problem in this election fraud. In 2016 the democrat machine thought Hilary couldn't lose because they were stuffing the ballots with mail-in votes, particularly in Michigan. She lost because they underestimated Trump's votes, and only stuffed about 1000 ballots. This time, they overplayed their hand by panic stuffing--causing stastical anomalies.

He said Trump's legal team could tied up the delegates throught litigation, particularly since discovery isn't completed overnight. He thinks Trump has enough evidence of election fraud to make that strategy work. If states can't certify the votes by the due date, I think he said by mid-December, and neither candidate has 270, then it goes to a straight vote in the house, one vote per state, and if that happened Republican's would have the most votes, and Trump would win.

He said that Trump of course would rather win by straight count, but it's hard to identify and remove the stuffed ballots.

He also mentioned that PA had something like 650,000 late votes. Those votes were counted per Supreme Court gridlock (4-4), but also set aside, pending further ruling. With Justice Barrett's appointment, the next ruling will likely favor Trump's team (5-4) and those votes would be discared. He added that they don't know the ultimate consequences, as Trump may have a lot of those votes.

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