More violence

By: MJDavidson

Well, things are really getting interesting.   I am personally dismayed.  To my eye, both sides have major issues and this country is possibly irreparably divided. 

I hoped  the turmoil of the Vietnam era would not come back. For those old enough to remember the Kent State killings and the bombings by the SDS, it was awful. I have a feeling that things are now worse

For those who are pro Trump and I think that is most who frequent this board, if the elections are turned around and the house and senate elect Trump, just remember, this country will have some 74 to 75 million people who will have their votes negated.  I don't think people will be all that happy if for the second time in succession the popular vote does not end up on the side of the winner. I realize the Trump side will be thrilled, but the majority might not be so thrilled. Major trouble could be on the way. 

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