I prefer moderation

By: MJDavidson

What you are saying about the weapons may be true, but the fact that it is said with what appears to be threatening implications is worrisome.  Are you in favor of enforcing "freedom" but only according to terms that you and folks that believe like you define as freedom.  How about people  who vehemently disagree with your ideas and are willing and anxious to work  right by the book to get what they desire. 

 As for the weapons, I suggest you check the most recent weapon purchases. You might be surprised to find out the logistics, if of course, you are willing to accept the results as valid.


And are you sure all the people who have those weapons are the kind of folks with whom you want to identify? and are you sure that all the armed people are willing to see members of their own families as casualties?   Once the weapons notion is brought out, it is unfortunately possible that all aspects of civilization that we have come to love and expect in this country could go down the drain and rapidly at that.  Just some food for thought. 


Again, personally, I prefer to start a new party called the moderate party. Take  some from the right, some from the left and find some kind of happy medium , a location that will help keep the American Dream alive and have room for all comers. I am truly concerned that the time for that type of solution may not be possible. I hope I am totally wrong on that. 


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