I don't think it is all one sided

By: MJDavidson

I actually have not had blinders on.  I have followed the right wing and far right wing while also trying to follow what is up on the left and far left. I really believe that there is trouble on both extremes

It was a long time ago, but I attended Grant High School in the Valley.  I will never forget what my American History teacher told the class back in 1970   And yes, it is relevant to what is going on today. 

Grant was a very liberal high school with a student population that leaned to the left, far left for some. We did not see eye to eye to put it mildly.  I will never forget the LAUSD teacher strike  and students threatening to attack any students who tried to cross the strike line. I was worried about graduation and I was willing to carry a bat to make sure the "hippies" as I called them did not keep me from attending school.  Anyway Mr Goldblum, my hx teacher,  a man of few words, made the most interesting assertion that I had heard up till that time.

He maintained that there really was not much difference between the democrats and republicans. For a major change to occur in this country, he felt that it would take something radical. And even as far back as 50 years ago, he felt that even though it was the left making the noise, if anything happened, in America, it would be the RIGHT that tried to take over. They had the money and the arms.   I never forgot that and have followed it closely my whole life.

I am hoping that the division that exists can be calmed down. If not, then all hell will likely break loose and many many lives will be lost as will the American way of life.  

I have never taken liberty lightly maybe because I am a Jew and as best as I can tell, everyone hates me, the right and the radical left. I still maintain that both extremes are dangerous and I prefer the middle. Mark my words, if either extreme takes over, life as we know it, is DONE.  You are positive that  the division comes from the left. I am personally not so sure that it does not come for both sides. Guys like Steve Bannon and Roger Stone are not my heroes and neither are the disciples of Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin and the current curse of the world, aka as Alexia Ocasio Cortez and her effed up squad.  I hate them more than anyone.  

I will take Kasich or maybe even Nikki Haley, though I don't really know that much about her. I also would not have minded having the fighter pilot win in Ky as Mitch is hardly my hero either.   Blinders NO, I just yearn for the middle ground and relative peace. 

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