yes I did watch

By: MJDavidson

I have stated many times, if the fraud can be PROVEN, then it should play out in the courts.  However, so far, all the challenges in the courts have been turned down.  

Is this yet another situation when any results that don't match preconceived ideas of what your side thinks they  should be are automatically wrong? Remember, some of the states in which the cases have been thrown out, the legislature is republican dominated.  So far, even the Republican Senator from PA has gone on record saying that he has no evidence of fraud. Are you telling me that he has no access to this video which I have already seen? And if not, why doesn't he?  

I actually have done plenty of my own investigation, though I am no attorney or expert. I have been reading some of the Epoch Times as of late and got is a discussion with a progressive that I know.  It was not long before he presented absolute proof of the   false nature of what was  reported. I am hardly convinced that one side tells the truth and the other side is the only liar. 

You do realize that your goal and the goal of all Trump supporters is to get this mess into the SCOTUS, hoping and being almost certain that they will rule that the election is invalid, thus causing the election to be decided by the Senate and House of Representatives. In other words, give the election to Trump. 

If that is what happens, so be it.  I have no way of knowing what really happened. But if you choose to believe this is all one sided, I simply disagree.   When you have one side with Bannon and Stone on it, and you also tell me that side is crystal clean, I don't believe it any more than you believe Biden won.

I assume the Right is presenting this very information that you have presented here to the courts? 

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