I never took it offensively

By: MJDavidson

I am really enjoying the back and forth.  I have not taken anyone's posts personally. Nobody has been vicious and hateful.  I have learned from the exchanges and I hope some may have learned a little bit from what I have posted or at least have had to think things through

I really do love this country and I love my freedom.  In many if not  most countries of the world, I would have no such ability to live a good life and to express myself.  

I am not a Trump fan as I have stated. I do like some of his policies  as stated. I really mean it when I say that if this was  truly a stolen election and can be proven as such, then the appropriate actions should be taken. If that means it goes to the house and senate, ie to Trump,so be it.  I just want the truth but I am not sure we will get it. 

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