No August West

By: MJDavidson

You couldn't keep this civil, could you August West!!!

I gave examples of white supremacists and antisemetic animals

I also mentioned  Pittsburgh PA,    Bill did not recognize that reference but that was where Robert Gregory Bowers walked into the Tree of Life Synagogue and shot 11 people dead. 

Then in Charlotesville VA James Alex Fields , at the unite the right rally, rammed his car into people and killed somebody

I responded to his reference that he could not think of any episodes. And then of course there was Dylan Roof who went into the church and shot those innocent people---->another example of white supremacist Violence

You are the first one in this thread who just had to use profanity and make this personal, didn't you?

You are the exact reason that it's hard to have reasonable discourse.  

You are going tell me how to act and what to read!!! Who  do you think you are? You want to bully somebody, find somebody else. I will leave the site because you are not worth the effort.  And you, not I, am the reason there is NO HOPE in this country. It's your way or the highway, right. 

Congratulations, you have succeeded ------->for guys like you it's only fun if nobody challenges you. 

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