So this is the plan.

By: San Clemente

Rudy is going to concentrate on voter fraud.  THis is easy for the public to understand.  Dead people should not be able to vote.  And no , there are not enough votes there.  But this does keep everyone's attention.  


The Kraken will go after ELECTION fraud.  Not voter fraud.  There is a big difference.   This is where the election was stolen.  It matters who and HOW counts votes are COUNTED, not who votes.    This is where the numbers are.  This is very difficult to prove.  She claims to have "evidence".   My guess is that it's circumstantial and statistical evidence with some witnesses to say this is how it is done.  


So what do they do with this evidence?  The PLAN is to present it to the State Legislatures controled by republicans in the swing states. It's up to them and NO ONE else how the state chooses to assign their electoral college votes.   It's not their governors , or any court , including the supreme court's decision.  It's the STATE LEGISLATURES'.   Constitution 101.  


The HOPE is that there will be enough evidence to convince those REPUBLICAN legislatures in Michigan, Wisconsin, Penn, Georgia , Arizona and Georgia, not to give their electoral college votes for Biden.   Need to keep Biden under 270.   Don't need all of them.  


If they can do that, it goes to the house where each state gets one vote for President, and the Senate where each state gets one vote for vice president.   


Sydney (the Kraken) thinks she has the evidence.  She scares the shit out of the left.   should be interesting if nothing else. sc 



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