MEDIA, LEFT must Discount this.

By: bread

No other Netw toughed it and you think their will be a YouTube. NEVER.

Sydney and Giuliani were speaking form the heart.  This THEFT of an Election will be the NORM from here on out if 

The Corrupt media cannot say their is NO EVIDENCE Now.  The speakers had stacks of swaorn statements. 

THAT is evidence in all but Dem Kangaroo Courts.  If on the evening news they reapeat NO Evidence....They are LYING yet again.  They don't care but its a point that can continue to reblound.

Seems like plaenty for the Courts but the entire purpose of CENSORING this is to make it easier for the Courts to Ignore.  The corrupt electronic sysstems are what make it NATIONAL disgrace. 

Even FOX News is betting this will not have legs.  Two talking heads claimed this was not much.  WHOA. The Fix may be in.  But the point was to get all this IN FRONT of the SUPREMES.

Something HITLARY had hoped would be of benitfit to her scluzball team.

Even the state of New Mexico was called out. I know NM a bit.

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