An Attempted Coup

By: MJDavidson

This is exactly why Trump concerned me.  He cares more about himself than anything else. He could not care less about freedom and people's rights. 

I agree that he has had some major accomplishments, but as I stated previously, it is the way he acts that is the problem

By inciting this insurgency which he absolutely did, he put the United States of America at tremendous risk. Exactly what would have happened had the USA been attacked while his actions encouraged the total incapacitation of the entire Congress.  These  people invaded the United States Capitol Building and are domestic terrorists and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law as such. And what is really scary, is this. How many, if any, of the capitol police may have been complicit in this attack? 

Every lawsuit was lost. There has been no proof of major fraud. For those who want to believe there was, it's a free country. When Gore and Nixon were both cheated out of victories, they decided to do what was bests for the country.  But not Trump. He is exactly what I was concerned about.

No, I don't think Biden is good. I don't even think he is totally with the program. His replacement is also far from my choice. 

Why couldn't this country pick somebody who is competent, fair and not an   extremist on either side? Now we will all pay the price. 

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