they audited one county's machines

By: San Clemente

ONE.  In the entire country.  ONE.


DON"T LOOK HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Not two.  Not ten.  Not a hundred.  No court let them.  




And they found FRAUD in that one county.  flipped votes.  dropped trump votes.  more votes than voters.  OK.  


But they didn't look in any other machines, so, yep, there was not proof of "enough fraud to change the election".   Just like 1960. 


Was the FAKE Russian collusion tripe a CouP?    just wondering.  


Riots in june were fine.   Now they're  bad.  ok.    You can MURDER an unarmed protestor, it she doesn't check the right box.  huh. 


Censor those biden stories.  Now that's freedom.   


Join the hate parade if you want.  NO one (still two words) will ever convince me 80 million of anything voted for the CORRUPT China Joe biden.  


But like a game in south bend.  it is what it is.  


Not going to get me to hate anyone.  Never have, never will.  Don't care enough. 


And how is the bad orange man more of a narcissist than Barry?   Really?  You really think Barry cares about YOU?  Really? 


So to be a good citizen , you should just accept cheating. OK.  That proves you care.   BEND OVER AMERICA.  


be interesting to see what you will think when they come after that "thing',  you keep under the driver seat of your car.  


Don't worry, they care. lmao.    Have a great night.  sc 






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