lol, dude crazy

By: Art_Vandalay

Trump let all those dirty blacks out of jail while Obama let them rot there...  When peolpe called, he picked up the phone and helped blacks, whites, whoever.  

Unlike me and you, Tiger Woods, Hershall and so many other blacks love Trump who known him for years... you listen to fake news and think Trump is some monster.  

I don't care if Trump killed jews and blacks all his life as long as the policies are good....  If everybody has a fawking job that wants one, I'm happy.  

Watch Hannity tonight, he plays all the top donkeys, BIDEN, Kamala, Maxine.

Maxine, "Follow the repbulicans to house, to food places, get in their faces"

Obama AG, "When they go low we kick them in the face." 

Biden, "i dont' want to talk to Trump, I want to kick his azz"

Nancy on the antifa riots, "people do what they do"

There are many more you dumb fawk... Seriously MD, kind of a well thought out post but you are so fawking ignronant to who incites violence and who incites riots, I should F your mom for being that stupid. Wake the F up.  

Ahhh, that feels better.  Pay the F attention.. you MD are the problem...

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