Trumps Ego

By: Art_Vandalay

dude is a fawking naraccist or however you spell it..

I hate people that think they are right all the time but its a fawking disease or some sheeet just like depression or being a retard..

He can't help it.  if you talked to him seriously and said, "If you could do it over would you have done anything differently."  He cannot help it, he would say and he would believe this, "Nope, I made very great decsions, all perfect decisions." 

I hate it.. I know he's fawked up so I get over it..  Man, I wish he could take the high road but the dude thinks hes perfect...

I'm the best at this, that, whatever.

But what is it he did, that offends all these bishes?   Crazy... After 80 years, nobody ever calls him a racist, but all of a sudden, media says it so its true.... he fawks blacks, he has million black buddies, he hires blacks,  hes a racist... He's a fawking jew...  how is he a Nazi as many dumb azz donkeys called him

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