By: MJDavidson

Yo Bill:

The problem with your logic is simple. For some reason you appear to actually  BELIEVE what one side  says about what if found yet you totally blow off what the other side claims.  Why in the world would such a smart guy think that one side lies any less than the other?   I am now convinced that both sides have agendas and they both speak with a forked tongue. 

Without repeating and assessing  all the allegations, I will just say this. I actually looked into some of the so called proof that Sidney Powell has as best I could.  I assume you are aware that all her affadavits were supposedly signed by the exact same guy, who is about as trustworthy as the rest of the drivel.

At this juncture, the only thing I know with some certainty is what I see and learn for myself.  I think there are major problems and anyone who can side with some immitatiaon humanoid who wears an Auschwitz shirt and means every word that he has printed on it, is dangerous.

The first time folks  said they were coming to kill guys like me, not everyone believed it. This time I do believe it and I suspect they will try.  Will they succeed? I hope not. One thing is for sure, good old FN 57 , 44 Special , 45 military grade and AR 15 among others will try to make it as difficult as possible.  And living here in Tennessee  or in GA in particular,  there is a pretty good chance that somebody who is just trying to live by the rules and not bother anyone in particular,  is actually locked and loaded. 

Always a pleasure. MJD

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