link the speech and specific words

By: Cdctrojanfan

that Trump used to incite some of the crowd of Trump supporters that had assembled to attend a peaceful rally to move over to the capitol building and break the law. Typical of democrats and the media, they are quick to assign all blame to Trump for the wrongful acts of others. What I did hear from Trump once the violence began was for people to be peaceful and go home.

While I agree wholeheartedly with you on how serious and threatening yesterday's events were to the security of this nation, i find a bit of irony that it was Trump supporters yestrerday who proved what Trump said over and over throughout the summer, that  "you have no country without law and order. Without law and order, you have anarchy." Trump was absolutely right and the democrats and media clearly understood yesterday what they ignored all summer, that a country is crippled without law and order. But why didnt the democrats listen to this over the summer. Why did Biden and Harris say nothing for more than 30 days when buildings burned, property was destroyed and people were injured and even killed. Why was there no call for law and order from Biden when rioters seized, ransacked and occupied a police station in Seattle for over three months. All of a sudden democrats believe in law and order and a call for the police to control a riotous crowd.

You show me the words spoken by Trump that encouraged protesters to become rioters. I know I can show you what he said once the violence took place, which is more than Biden or Harris did this summer.

Interesting to note how Republicans have been consistent in condemning violence and riotous acts, including the violence yesterday  at the Capitol. They've been consistent in demanding that law and order must prevail over civil disobedience and violence. But the democrats and the next president of the US did not condemn the violence this summer when they didnt think it benefitted them politically. Yesterday it did, and now theyre outraged.

Shameful what we saw yesterday, but the guilty party is not trump, who has consistently called for law and order. The blame lies squarely on those who committed the violence.

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