Fair Enough

By: MJDavidson

You are absolutely correct that he never used the words to explicitly encourage violent behavior and rioting!  

Having said that, I still unequivocally believe that he encouraged such behavior with the words that he did speak and he never discouraged such behavior either.  In the same event, his attornery and side kick , Rudy Giuliani did , however , used the phrase, Trial by combat did he not and President Trump did nothing to discourage that, did he?  Trump absolutely incited that crowd, at least to my way of thinking and evidently many of his staffers and some of his cabinet members agree with that assertion as is evidenced by the multiple resignations.

As for the actions this summer, I will comment briefly,  There is an old saying that fossils like yours truly grew up hearing, and the words, two wrongs don't make a right, come to mind.  Make no mistake, I am no fan of the riots in Seattle, Portland, Wisconsin or in Los Angeles et al. And being a Jew as I am, including being a staunch Zionist and no supporter of the Palestinians or that  squad with AOC and Rashida Tlaib among others, I was even more appalled that the rioters in Los Angeles singled out Jewish places of business in particular to destroy. Whether it was BLM members or more likely the Palestinians and SJP goons who were the perpetrators I am not sure.   Fortunately, the Jews are now using members of Magan AM to provide armed protection and when that is the case, the rioters and looters are less likely to hit when they have to face death to do it.

Make no mistake, the rioters, goons and looters do not have my support, approval and backing. I still remember the two young and new to practice optomotrists in Santa Monica who went into heavy debt to simply live their dream and open a new office, only to have it trashed  and destroyed by  the rioting animals. I would have had swat fire at will at any and all of such looters.  I can't believe some of what went on. A very good friend of mine has a son who is an LAPD veteran and I was told point blank that Garcetti has given orders to prevent the LAPD from  properly defending the  city and givng what the bad guys,so to speak, deserve.  

In NYC, it is even worse,  That know nothing DiBlasio is less than useless. It is on him, or so it seems , that much of the material damage that was done was allowed to be done. Similar problems occurred in Philadelphia.  Trumps calls for harsh response were spot on to my way of thinking and deserved. Remember, I have tried to make it clear, I approve of many things he has done. 

I also approve of the exit from the Iran deal.  I have a son in the USAF who will be directly affected when the Iranians cause even more BS than usual. I am only disappointed that when the Iranians hit our base and caused so many TBI's to our guys, we did not  end those creeps once and for all. I am old enough to remember the Iranians invading our embassy  in 1979 and we still have not hit them back.  I am happy that the USS Nimitz has been turned around and has reentered that Persian Gulf. And Ruhani has literally threatened Trump with death. So long as he is the president of the USA, that is intolerable. If any Iranian is responsible for an attack on this country's president, it's time for B2's,B52's, SLCM's and F-35, F-22's to pay them a visit they will never forget and hopefully will never survive.  As contradictory as that view may come across, it is the real way I feel.  I am as Red White and Blue as you can imagine in many many ways. 

Having said that, there is NO EXCUSE for what happened and yes I did listen to what Trump did and said. You are aware, I assume that he would not allow the DC National Guard to be dispersed, Pence had to ok it. Likewise, he said he loved all the demonstrators and he did not openly go after those who breached the Capitol at least not till today.

So, I agree that he did not use the words, attack and take over the capitol---he simply encouraged it through his rhetoric and actions and through his use of that waving of the fist, a move emulated by Josh Hawley, a move that will either propel his career or absolutely kill it. Only time will tell. MJD

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