Still not buying it

By: Cdctrojanfan

So now waving your fist while giving a speech is an invitation or a green light to riot And destroy public buildings. Saying we need to fight to win this election should be taken literally and people should hit the streets fighting those who stand in their way. You’re reaching here. There was nothing in terms of words or mannerisms Or even tone by Trump that anyone could reasonably justify as encouragement to storm the capital. Truth be told, the media and democrats are not accustomed to conservatives rioting. It’s something liberals do. There is no tolerance for conservatives to engage in any violent protests. The media will not make excuses for their behavior as they will for liberal groups who commit even more egregious acts of violence. They’re a disfavored group that political leaders will demand be quashed by police. That’s why there was no rioting today as police from a wide array of agencies came into protect the Capitol. They shut them down as they should. But contrast that with political leaders who allowed BLM to lay siege in front of the White House for 39 days, burning. a church and injuring at least 60 Secret Service Agents and forcing the presidential family to retreat to a bunker under the White House. BLM is a favored group, so political leaders didn’t police them and they were allowed to riot in f to rid the a white house for over a month. Why was that acceptable to you. You should have been just as outaged as you are with what happened at the Capital. There is a double standard here you are not fully acknowledging.
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