This was coming regardless of Trump

By: Old Hickory Trojan

apparently you haven't paid attention to the divide oin the US and the riots of summer showing that pepe that riot and terrorize folks are OK because they feel that they have been screwed by our way of life. No condemnation. No charges and they killed an maimed cops and innocent citizens. You expected that with all the cheating that went on in this election and videos, sworn statements  and proof of the cheating to rip this voctory away from trump ...Americans wouldn't react regardless of Trump saying anything. You haven;t seen anything yet. Wait until Biden tries to push through what he promised . Watch when he puts America seond and kills whats left of the economy. Wait until he plays games to enrich himself and his handlers. Citizens that beleive in the Constitution and Bill of Rights will not put up whith his shet...simple as that...and apparently you missed that this has been building since theDeep State has done everything they could come up with to destroy Trump and this country. Some folks actually buy into the words written by our forefathers about when a government becomes tyranical...others prefer to follow the Chinese mantra...those two will never. mix..

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