lol, thanks amigo

By: Art_Vandalay

funny thing is I get passes 99.9% in real life,, i'm not much diff.

2 years ago this black guy was in a suit, he's blabbing, blah blah blah and "I'm a big black guy" blah blah blah.... in front of 7 people in the boardroom I put my hand up (first time I met this guy) and said, "Wait a minute,, you're black?"  


The dude looked at me, started laughing and said, "Who is this guy?  I like this guy."  To this day we buddies... Nice man but I do not love people playing identiy everything.  Until we say, Man killed  or Man did this instead of Black man this, that, nothing will change. 

Blacks think they special, they ain't.  none of us are.

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