Not so fast OHT

By: MJDavidson

I believe it is you that is mistaken and that  it is you that is  missing the point, not I.

Show me any place or any time I condoned the violence or the riots this summer , or ever for that matter. I only regret that at this time of my life, due to illness and location, I am not available to join Magan am to help prevent looting and  property destruction.  I am now and always have been a vocal opponent of the radical left and their hoodlums.  I was and continue to be vehemently opposed to the Antifa thugs , particularly in Portland who stop cars, threaten people and cause utter chaos.

The problem here is that I dislike Trump for the following reason He is a power hungry dictator want to be who always puts himself and his personal agenda before the country and its people. If you think that riot and takeover of the capitol building would have ever taken place had Trump urged his minions to avoid doing that,  I believe you are mistaken.  What we have witnessed  is a classic example of how people like Hitler come into power.  Why don't you do some studying and learning, instead of implyng that I have missed this and that.  

Why should any American EVER HAVE TO HOPE there will be a peaceful transition of power. It is our right  as Americans to expect and demand such as transition . President Trump is such an ego maniac and narcissist that he has convinced multiple millions as other demagogues have done in the past that they should all but kiss the ground he walks on and it is only because he feels like it that he will even consider a peaceful transition.  He is convinced as he has said time and time again, that article 2 of the United States Constitution gives him tremendous, almost unlimited power-----as if he has ever read and comprehended it.  

I was concerned from  the day he won  the  election in 2016  that he has no idea what democracy or a democratic republic is all about nor does he really care.   He believes in "The Donald" only.  He has ripped people off time and again. He refuses to take responsibility for anything bad but will take credit for everything and anything positive  that he can.   He lies publicly time and again (not that other politicians do not also lie) 

My concerns regarding Biden are real as well, and I am hardly singing his praises. I do not think he is always alert and totally oriented  and his vice president to be is not instilling confidence and joy in my heart or brain either. It is hard to believe that either Trump or Biden is the best that this country really has to offer.  As for being conservative or liberal, I am neither. I am an issue driven person who will give an opinion and try to give an honest answer issue by issue.  I want to see universal health care as well as the strongest military on earth. 

As for what the future holds, only time will tell. Right now I am personally very skeptical and not overly optimistic.  I am concerned that democracy is on the way out and who knows what will replace it. There is little if any reasonable agreement on this tiny message board.   How can anyone really think that millions of Americans will come together and agree about what the future should look like. MJDavidson


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