By: MJDavidson

Unfortunately, some of America's Military Allies actuallly believe it was an attempted coup as documented in the article I linked.  That does not make it gospel, but it is    what is going on in the world around us.

I was personally sick to my stomach watching the Capitol Building of the USA being overtaken by thugs, whether they were Right Wing Nazis, Proud Boys , Antifa et al  or others.   Not one of them should have ever gotten into our capitol building at that time. 

You told us you have served. As former military, weren't you surprised, and disappointed at the strategy or lack there of  that was seemingly taken by the Capitol Police, reportedly one of, if not the best police force in America?  Didn't it look strange to you?  Where were reinforcements and why did it take so long for them to come?  Why in God's name was the National Guard and otherbackup units/guys not available from the getgo 

Everyone knew for weeks that trouble, real trouble was a possibility. I am glad the incursion is over and the loss of life is very sad.  I am glad that it was not worse.  

I have different ideas as to what is best for this country than many others on this board. I don't see a problem with that.  Hopefully, peace will prevail .    This business of cheating and fraud in elections is bad news.  I think one solution would be to simply go back to machines and paper with all counting and results always supervised by equal numbers from both parties in the same location.  For those who have to vote by absentee ballot, make the process as secuare as possible.  Eliminate Vote Harvesting unless one member of each party is present at all time to ensure no monkey business ever.  

I am not a history maven.  However, one of my very best friends in the world, a retired USAF Colonel who  also taught and lecutred on USA history for many many years taught me a great deal about what has transpired in elections throughout the history of this country,    All kinds of cheating, BS and scandals have taken place.  The way things are now, it is hard to know what , if anything is truthful .  I can read as can others. If what the "Dems" say and do is full of lies and fraud, please explain to me why any sane person should be more inclined to think that what the Right and/or republicans say and do is any more truthful.  The mutual contempt present now is really effed up, or would you disagree.

I hope that by the time the 2022 elections come up, a major improvement, acceptable to both sides is in  place.  If not, then this BS is going to get worse and it will be ingrained in the American  Way of Life indefinitely. MJDavidson

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