Trump has done MORE to expose the TRUE Republican

By: PasadenaTrojan

Party and the DC Uniparty more than anyone in history.  By a huge margin.  Remember Romney didnt endorse. MCCain didnt.  Koch Bros didnt. Wall Street didnt. Main street did.  Thats it.  For 20 years now, Conservative Christians have been the useful idiots to the RINO globalists. Now we know. BTW in hindsight I still am glad I voted RE most of time. Not all the time actually. Im not a sheep. But most of time. I am most proud of 3 votes. Ross Perot abd DJT twice.     

But wackos like Obama, Hillary, AOC, Ohan, Pelosi, Newsome these are not people that believe in the Constitution.  Americans and Republicans had a choice these last few decades of the lesser evil and we chose it.  Trump gave us a true American conservative President the likes of which we havent seen since Reagan.   

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