Sorry, I've had it.

By: Waldorf

Again, I don't disagree with your theory, at least most of it.  I'm just sick of hearing his whiny bitch voice and seeing his fat ugly face.  I literally cannot escape it.  It's maddening.  And, sorry, I think there is a BIG contingent of Trump supporters who are ALL about Trump, the man, not what he says he's fighting for.  You can't see it, you're too close.  

If someone else can pick up the ball and run with it, fine.  

EDIT: by the way, and this is unrelated, but I think any impeachment proceedings at this point are counterproductive and say more about the Democratic party than they do about Trump.  I honestly because a lot of people who caused damage on Wednesday were monkey-see-monkey-do idiots, but I don't buy into the whole insurrection thing.  I think this is just Trump's ego at full throttle, not a coup attempt.  Just wanted to go on the record about that, FWIW, before some of the shitbirds on this site start throwing out the commie and libtard bullshit.  

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