List of Conservative Victories by DJT

By: PasadenaTrojan

This is my list. Prob a better one out there. You should google it and learn something. And I say yeah respectfully btw. 3 Conservative Justices. Religious Freedoms for all but only Christians were attacked before POTUS. American Patriotism. Energy independence (Bushes hated that). Sovereign Nation and Border security. Removing Troops from foreign soil. No foreign wars. Openly pro Life. Openly school choice. Respected state governance. Fixed unfair trade deals. Lowered Individual taxes. Lowered corporate taxes.Created enterprise zones in all inner city low income areas. Prison reform bill (lowering jail costs and budgets) if one wants just an economic impact. Middle East peace. Sanctioned Terrorist regimes Like Iran hard. Take your ignorant BS somewhere else. You’re just wrong on this.
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