Apple has taken ENTIRE Parler Platform DOWN

By: PasadenaTrojan

Not one guy. Not one post. The ENTIRE damn thing. Im spiking the football here Moderates. Super far left are not ever going to ponder or consider another POV. Holy shit. Ok. What will CONGRESS do about this?? SCOTUS? Any Judge with a brain? Waiting. FWIW I know what TRUMP would do about this and That’s why I would crawl through glass for him. All these officials swore on the Bible to PROTECT and PRESERVE the US Constitution. Twitter starts censoring. Conservatives move to Parler. Apple shuts down Parler. Anyone noticing a trend?? This is an attack on free speech in the public square. So who will fight this?? Liberals call this winning. Americans call this communist. Here we are folks. Couldn’t be more black or white.
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