Serious question...

By: Waldorf

...why does Trump need to communicate with his "base" through social media?  You're talking about that like it's some sort of necessity for the POTUS to have acccess to his minions.  Trump is the first President I can recall who even used social media at all. 

I'm not saying what Apple and the others are doing is right, but how is that going to keep the so-called revolution from happening if, indeed, Trump supporters are still dead-set on fighting for their beliefs?  Why does everything need to funnel down through Trump via social media?  He has people, why can't communication come from them?  And that communication can be in the form of emails, etc.   And all of this would apply once he leaves the White House.

People on both sides of the fence are talking about this like it's some sort of Hitler in the bunker scenario.  It's silly. 

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