mob mentality

By: NJ Trojan

i am sure there are republicans and some democrats who do not support this kangaroo court privately but out of fear of violence and their political lively hood will support it publically.  

it is sad and infuriating that the Cancel Culture is on high.  I read an article that the "cancels" want to destroy the lives of ANY person who worked for the Trump administration by Black listing them from any and all future employment in ANY sector.  I had a spirited discussion with my semi sane liberal friend on this and i told him that this is political discrimination of which he said theire is no protection from that with regards to discrimination.  My response to him was "Great, now people can refuse renting properties, baking cakes, etc. by just confirming the political affliation of the person and if it is not the same as the owner, they can refuse, right?"  he lost it and said no you cant do that, it is still discrimination based on skin color or sexual identity, my response, no it is not, it is based on political affliliation.  he replied, "That is not in the spirit of the law"

Liberals never get it

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