impeachment is good

By: Art_Vandalay

For left, they want division... It all started with Obama... we never had an all out war on cops... he started the BLM bullsheeet whenever a cop killed a filthy lifetime thug...   The division that Obama started carried over with Trump because of the media's lies..

Trump became a racist, sexist, lifetime criminal the day he decided to run.... him and his family were treated worse than any president in history.  

After the media/left lost the first election, they fixed this election like nobody.  nevermind the left outspent the right, $4 to $1, the left also got at least $500B in free marketing and censoring.... when all social media is writing the laws in DC, when Gov is giving Amazon shipping rates to guarantee competitve advantages over small mom and pop companies, its game over.....  The right will never win again.

Left went all-in...  they were not going to lose regardless.... at 10pm Nov 3 they saw, WTF?  We are getting our azzez kicked...  Shut it down in those 4 states... Make up some excuses.... we will bring in the ballot dumps....  this is why you had all those trashbags coming in at 4am...  

Walla, next morning, Biden takes the lead... lol... classic, my hats off...  

Now that they have full control. lets see what they do... they will raise taxes so only middle class will get fawked... The wealthy pay 10% regardless of the rates... good CPAs.  

1.  Stack courts


2.  Make new states like Puerto Rico, DC which is 4 more senators for the commies. 


3.  Popular vote


This is just the very beginning... Until they shut your business down which is happening because you vote differently than they way they want, you won't get it. 

For the commies that vote for communism, if the right stands up, you will die and die fast...  MAGA ARMY won't fawk around if you keep going down this road..  

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