You are an uninformed voter

By: Old Hickory Trojan

if you bothered to take you ass away from MSNBC, CNN and the rest of the Democratic talking points you might have witnessed for yourself voter fraud...100's of affidvitts, videos, even undercover on tape admittance of wrongdoing. How can you ignore the desturcition of voting records when the laws state they must be held for a period of time that was violated. How can you dismiss the fact that voting machines were being refused ot be turned over to be evaluated. How can you dismiss the information about China interference and voting going to China for evaluation or now the information on Italy coming out. Hgnore the number of votes that weren't counted and how can you ignore the number of found votes that weren't counted after the election? How can you ignore the analysis that was done that showed large oddities in voting? How can you ignore the fact they found indications of a multiplier that discounted Trump votes and multiplied Biden votes? 

You are so misinfomed that I suspect you don't care about the truth or information that may enlighten you. You prefer to live in the dark. As far as Trumps healthcare plan in case you hadn't noticed he would need Congress to agree on one and pass it. Has Congress passed anything he's asked for/ The answer is no they haven't including his tax reform bill. They changed it and took away cash from the middle class that Trump had requested. 

Your remarks on Obama prove ot me you have no clue. Obama accused whites of killing blacks before he let the evidence play out and prove him wrong. He ignored Black on Black murders and did nothing about it. In fact he ignored doing pretty much anything for Blacks other then raising hate and fear. whereas Trump put Blacks back to work. Provided them with an income and attempted to resotre their self pride. You are a lame excuse for an American if you think getting rid of our Constitution and our freedoms under Biden will solve your problems. If Biden does what he claims he will do you won't have to worry about other nations cold wars...there will be one right here..


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