q uestions for the q anon believers

By: the909trojan

At what point did you start to take it seriously? What were the signs or hints that came to fruition that caused you to believe?

Does it bother you that there is anonymity behind the author (s)?

Do you think that it is one person or group, and has always been one person or group?

Do Frederick Brennan or Jim Watkins bother you at all, or strike you as being a bit "off"?

Do you believe that there are blood drinking pedo's who worship satan and are organized enough to cover it up?


Disclosure: my youngest brother believes all of this 100%, my middle brother and my mother believe about 50-75% of it, and my twin brother believes that there was once a legit poster or posters with inside info but that some other entities took over as qanon who are either a massive troll or an extremist type of group. 


I'm inclined to believe along the lines of my twin that there was some legitimacy to the original posts, but that something changed along the way. What or how I have no theories. But it is difficult to buy into it hook and sinker imho given the anonymous nature. 


if you look at it objectively, it is a fascinating phenomenon. True or not it's interesting.


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