All rejected by the Courts

By: Old School SC

I watched all the press conferences by Rudy.

How can you ignore the desturcition of voting records when the laws state they must be held for a period of time that was violated.

The only thing i have seen related to voting records destroyed was in GA iand the secretary of State of State of GA a Republican that said he voted for Trump called that a lie.

How can you dismiss the fact that voting machines were being refused ot be turned over to be evaluated.

You do understand over 95% of the ballots were paper ballots not machine tabulated ballots. All evidence present to the court was rejected.

How can you dismiss the information about China interference and voting going to China for evaluation or now the information on Italy coming out.

So when Russia did it. It was ok? I said Russioa meddled for Trump last time but Hillary was the reson she lost. she ran a horrible campaign. Russians didn't stop her from going to Wisconsin, Michigan or Pennsylvania. Trump won the election. i acepted that. i also kmew he would self destruct and ultimately be betrayled by the GOP. There is no EVIDENCE China changed a single ballot in the US election. What's coming out of Italy. The only thing that comes out of Italy thats relaible are shoes, clothes, food and women, southern ones tend to have tashes occasssionally. lol

Ignore the number of votes that weren't counted and how can you ignore the number of found votes that weren't counted after the election? How can you ignore the analysis that was done that showed large oddities in voting?

I don't know what you mean the number of votes not counted. Votes found not counted after the election? Every vote that was found after the election date was counted according to all the information I have seen. many of those votes were for Trump but sadly the amount was too small like his hands to matter. Large oddities? you have to be specific too vague.

How can you ignore the fact they found indications of a multiplier that discounted Trump votes and multiplied Biden votes? 

There is NO evidence of a multiplier Biden/Substraction Trump voting effect.

You are so misinfomed that I suspect you don't care about the truth or information that may enlighten you. You prefer to live in the dark.

No I prefer to live in reality not in the cloud of misinformartion, disinformation, lies and conspiracies. I welcome you to respond with EVIDENCE.


As far as Trumps healthcare plan in case you hadn't noticed he would need Congress to agree on one and pass it. Has Congress passed anything he's asked for/ The answer is no they haven't including his tax reform bill. They changed it and took away cash from the middle class that Trump had requested. 

HE NEVER PUT FORWARD A HEALTHCARE PLAN. HE NEVER PUT FORWARD A HEALTHCARE PLAN. If you have EVIDENCE to the contrary I am happy to review. He was also looking to end preexisting conditions coverage.

Your remarks on Obama prove ot me you have no clue. Obama accused whites of killing blacks before he let the evidence play out and prove him wrong.

Show me where he "accused whites of killing Blacks". He only said if he had a son he would look like Trayvvon Martin. We can debate Zimmerman but please provide evidence he did what you accused him of doing. Thanks.

He ignored Black on Black murders and did nothing about it.

He did ignore Black on Black crime. By the way, it is so funny how people like yourself say Black on Black crime and really don't give a dam about Black people. It is a virtue signal to show how you think Black people are comtemptable. You are just trying to score brownie points with the brown shirts. Crime in the Black community is related to poverty. Both Parties' hand s are dirty in maitianing that state as well as thise in the community that continue to perpetuate criminal behavior.Obama was President not Mayor or Governor. Crime rates drop under Obama to all toime lows. By the way Whites kill each other a 87% rate. More Whites in prison 57.5% of toal population. Since you are probaly Whte you have more to fear from other White people than Black peiple because people victimize those they are in close promitiy to.

In fact he ignored doing pretty much anything for Blacks other then raising hate and fear. whereas Trump put Blacks back to work.

Project much. No Black people are not raised on hate and fear. You see in others what you see in yourself. That thinking came from you saying , if i were Black how would I feel about White people. I know most onthis board have these childish thoughts. The vast majority of the time, Black people are not thinking about White people. Just like most time, White people are noit thinking about Black people. WHites have this great fear of reptribition for the ills Black people have faced. That fear is based ina recognition that Black people have been screwed and if you were them you would want revenge. You clearly don't have Black friends and if your Black friends tell you that they think this way they need help.

Provided them with an income and attempted to resotre their self pride.

This tells me you have no Black friends only White giys talking to other White guys say shit like this.

You are a lame excuse for an American if you think getting rid of our Constitution and our freedoms under Biden will solve your problems.

I have been American probably 100 years longer that you. So miss me with that bullshit. Ellis Island immigrate right? Typical. The constituion is not going anywhere. I don't need you, the government or anyone else. I see you like to wear streotypes like a warm sweater or drink it like hot coffee on a cold day. It makes you feel good, superior, goes down so good doesn't it. It's all bullshit but enjoy it while you can. 

If Biden does what he claims he will do you won't have to worry about other nations cold wars...there will be one right here..

So you are a seditious little man. That's so cute. What exactly, I mean exactly do you think he is going to do. Did Q give you the playbook or can you answer this one on your own. 

Like most of on the board when it comes to election fraud you peddle conspiracies have no court admissible  evidence and confuse  correlation and causation. This has you spiralling into a unlogical void using a flawed syllogism. Your conclusion is derived from a lie thus false. Yoiu should use Occum's Razor to determine the viability of your arguements.

Occum's Razor - a scientific and philosophical rule that entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily which is interpreted as requiring that the simplest of competing theories be preferred to the more complex or that explanations of unknown phenomena be sought first in terms of known quantitie.

If you don't wear a mask or think COVID-19 is a hoax, nevermind.

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