Whites kill more police than Blacks

By: Old School SC

You prove my point you are a child. I think it's time for your nap. Your bottle is ready So instead of showing staistics you sight the opinion of one person. This is what children do. So let me show you how to be an adult. In 2016, 135 police officers were killed while on duty. That was lower that the 10 year avaergae of 151. In 2016, 64 officers were killed by gunfire or run down by car including at least two men who were accidentally shot by colleagues. Of the 135 that died, 53 men and women were killed in traffic-related deaths and another 18 officers died of other causes while on the job. Planned attacks on police killed 21 officers in 2016 an increase from eight officers ambushed last year. Guess who killed the vast majority of those officers, White people! 15 of the 64 cop killers were Black and 49 of the officers killed were by White people. i didn't know Obama had that superpower to get White people to kill the police. Thanks for letting me know.

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