If it is so obvious

By: Old School SC

Post some of the evidence. It would be great to read it.I don';t believe because the evidence is hearsay and opinion. To pull off a fraud at this scale it would require how many people conspiring together, 20, 50 , 100, 1000, 10,000. You tell me you are the voter fraud expert. You think the conspirators would not tell anyone. Why did the Republicans win down ballot? Why did the Dems take the Senate by bigger numbers. You also need to use Occum's Razor to test your hypothesis. I will wait on your facts. Open to hearing them.

No one said all cops are white supremacists. That would be crazy talk. There are enough to create a problem for Black people. Black people being killed by the police is not a relaibale staitics to show police bias. I never liked that as a metric. Police brutality is a more reliable stat. Blacks are pepper sprayed more, taken to the ground more, etc. Roland Fyer of Harvard's study speaks to the brutality as being more. It covers several police dept. but provides good evidence.

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