Never Trump, LOL

By: Old School SC

He is a criminal President. If Biden is convicted, oh wait you can''t convict a sitting President. So Biden when he leaves office, if guilty, will face justice, Some how, I don't think that will ever happen.

Trump on the other hand, the world is closing in on him. He is done, libel case about rape (he will have to give DNA), tax evasion in NY state, Deutche Bank closing him off to money, mounting debts as his properties fail. Happy days are ahead for that guy. Well he does have you guys. You will stroke him checks on lies, $250M on the fake voter fraud, what a great con, the greatest in history. Trump likes greatest in history like his loss to Sleepy Joe. Trump lost BIGLY!

Simon Barsinsiter aka Rudy Giuliani is in trouble. The Southern District has him in his cross hairs. Hair dye will not be the only thing dripping from him, this time its running down his leg.


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