The video, Really?

By: Old School SC

Can you confirm the source of the video? Can you confiirm the accuracy of the video? So all I have to do is put up a video appear to be creditible because i agree with you and you believe it? Seriously that is what is being passed off as evidence on this board. So let me get this straigth the GOP Governor, Secretary of State and all the other GOP election officials threw the election for the Dems? Seriously? Say that out loud so you can really hear how crazy that sounds. Use Occum's Razor my friend to test your hypothesis and no it s not a new blade from Gillette. LOL.

I am originally from GA. If you were from there, you would know what you are saying makes no sense. Trump supressed the GOP turnout and Dems had a better ground game coupled with two weak candidates = ass whipping.

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