Created everything?

By: Old School SC

LMAO! Everything? ok. You need to study history. It is true White people particularly White males have made an overwhelming contribution to the world in which we live in today. A lot of those contributions were built off the accomplishments of others, ancient and contemporary. By the way the ancient world did not see itself in color but by geography.  As you know the final product is not created in a vaccum. Many things were stolen with no credit given or systemically minimized the ability of others to contribute. So there is that.

The religion that is so critical to your life was not created by Whites. No major religion in the world was created by Whites. The Jews of the Bible were not from Europe and look more Arabics than Europeans. The Romans kicking the Jews out of Israel is when Judism spread to Europe, around 70CE. Judism was influenced by Egyptian religion specifically Akhenaten, 1353–1336 BCE. He is the first in recorded history to declatre that there is only one God. So even the believe of one God came from a African. Early Judism was a polytheistic religion. Jews were in Eygpt (1950-1300BCE). After that it was a montheistic religion. Wait what?  So there that?

Is a silly line of reasoning because each thing builts on the other like the Islamic world gave birth to the Renaissance (through the Crusades) in Europe. Without Islam the would have been no flourishing of Europe - The Renaissance gave us the Age of Enlightenment that gave us the Industrial Revolution and so on. The Chinese gave us gunpowder and its use in cannons. History is interconnected and no one can solely claim ownership of it accomplishments.Ultimately there is that!

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