It 's an American problem

By: Old School SC

And yes it is a problem. I have work with kids at schools, tutoring and mentoring. You don't give a dam about it so why are you mentioning it? You are probably happy they are killing themselves. Of course you only think it's a problem of a certain community.

Why aren't you talking about the decline of White life expectancy because of opioid use. The increase in White single family households, a 3x increase since 1970. The increase in White male incarceration. The increase in White nationalists terrorist attacks. White people on welfare than any other group. You don't care right? Probably not.

I am concerned about what's happening in rural communities and the inner city, both are American problems. Poverty affects Americans of every race. Poverty touches all Americans of all races and we need to create opportunities for people to improve their lives. I guess you are ok with the tent cities in LA. I am working on a solution with a group out of India and New York. While you bitch and spew hate, i'm looking to create solutions, Hate on loser.

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