So tell me what ONE politician

By: NJ Trojan

could have done to help? what difference would have it made if Cruz did not go to Cancun? 

here is the problem, people think that politicians and the government is all mighty.  when a disater hits the government will not be there for DAYS. You must be prepred for any emergency.  Granted this was a once in a hundred year event.  Those who rely on the government will be failed by the government.  

Politicians and Government are not magically, i time of crises humans help other humans. it is not the government that does that.   So what could Cruz have done to "prevent" this?

Graned it was bad optics but politicians and the government are not magicians and people should stop "hero" worshiping politicans.  All they see in a crisis is opportunity.   The Democrats are already angling to "turn Texas Blue" because of this.  They could care less about atually helping people.

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