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Here's the downside test I mentioned..

By: StudioCity'98

...last week. Charts looked like shite. We had to test down like this. I hope you brought in some of those short Puts. Or at least hedged it off with some -delta (short futures).

I have small bids out layered in getting hit as we move down. I'm picking up good names as people panic into me this morning. Adding exposure in small pieces as we move down expecting in a decent rally after the mid-terms.

Gotta buy them when people are panicking out. Then sell 'um back to them when the mood turns. I love fear. Huge opportunity in fear.  #FeedingTheDucks

But I'm nimble too. If things get really bad I can flip 8 figures from net long to net short w/5-8 keystrokes. OR just hedge out the delta risk bit by bit with really short, but really large +gamma in the short end.

Want safety? Lot's of BDC's that act like Private Equity who own Senior Loan positions. They pay out 8-9% DiivYield with low beta, and they're immune to rising rates. In fact, they benefit as rates rise. If you need names let me know. Happy to share. No fun making money all by myself. :-)

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