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Not a pro at all

By: Java

Half the terms you use are jargon to me. Yes when the market dips suddenly my outs I sold don’t look great. I’ve nwver had forced sells. Funny you mention about forced assignments. A benefit of being further out on puts is you don’t have as many. But I find when they happen it’s cheaper to take the hit. Sell the shares then make up the difference by selling a future put and using the time as a variable and commodity. As you know well there’s clearly a time value of money built into this game. I’ve got about 26 puts and 2 calls out there. All that I sold. I think 16 expire in or by January. I’m in trouble on 6 of them. So we will see if the market recovers by then or if I do as above. I prefer to buy out a position and then resell for the future a pit of same equity. Problem with that is it might cost be $2 a charge to buy it out when riding it out might only cost me $1. So while I like the control of knowing. And directing. I don’t like that it costs me more
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