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Chinas debt is a worry

By: Java

S is their whole propped up market. What I was referring to was that stnrhe time of my posting sp 500 traded at a forward 12 mo pe at about 22-23 if I recall. Several emerging markets were available at 14-16 I read. If true that means there was a huge value gap. You’re right about eem. I had similar thinking as now back in gosh. 2013? 2014? I jumped into eem with about $100k and in a stupid short time frame like maybe 6 months? Less than a year. It increased to $350,000. I was shocked. Surprised and had not purchased it for a ride to the moon. I just felt a China economy growing at 7-8% was worth my time. When it became a momentum thing and a cult investment I got nervous. I put an order out ther to sell it if it got to some crazy number. The $350,000 and decided that I might miss out on a ride. But when you triple your money. Make $250k on an investment of $100k and it all happens inside 6-10 months? Be thankful. Recognize it’s not real. And walk away. This wasn’t a bet on some hot singular company. I knew the Chinese stock market hadn’t tripled in value in 6-10 months. So I left. And I must have had a guardian angel because if you look. At the charts? I probably bought in at the low. Sold at the high. Maybe within days of each. Never had a story like that before or since. The Chinese crash since then and the overvalued American market has me getting itchy trigger finger again
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