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Bdc like blackstone?

By: Java

I have a really small position there. I tend to sell a lit then use the proceeds to buy that equity at the price of the day. Enables me not to care as much and see it as free Money. I have $100k of alibaba because I did this all the way through it’s run up. Free $100k of baba. Back to bdc Blackstone has fallen 10-15% with the rest of the market It pays about 6% Curious if thisnks an example of a bdc you’re referring to I initially became interested in them because they swooped I’m and bought a ton of houses in 2009-2010. Vultures. I figured they were being greedy while others panicked and admired that. Then they gradually sold them all off and got out a few years ago. Did well of course. I liked their style Being willing to go contrarian
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