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Any of you guys take Jack Treynor’s graduate

By: TarragonCourt

investment class at SC? Jack was head of research at Merril Lynch, and the Treynor Index is the foundation for the Beta coefficient. Interesting class. I really liked Jack. Really nice gentleman. He spent the first two classes proving the Capital Asset Pricing Model mathematically. Scared the crap out of me. What did I get into? Well, it was anything but a mathematical class. You know what I learned? Put most of your money in a total market index fund. Same advice Warren Buffet gives. Same advice a former head of the Fedral Reserve told me. That’s what I do. That being said, if you’ve got some fun money, time, and smarts, pick some great companies and have fun. You might just pick the next Apple, or you might pick Snap. Good luck!
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